Websites & Portals

Beginning with solid planning, the successful development of a web project balances the integration of the creative and the technical. It factors the target user and the intended objective and weighs in the expected growth of the project over its life cycle. These considerations underscore Khayal's web development efforts.

Khayal has been designing and developing various types of web projects since 1996. All of our services, whether of a visual, conceptual, strategic, or technical nature, are driven by creativity. Our aim is to ensure that your website meets or exceeds all of your business and marketing objectives while also making a distinct impact with your intended audience.

The same applies for smaller informational websites as well as enterprise portals and extranets. While the criteria, scope, and technical aspects of these projects may vary, our focus and attention to detail remains as key priorities. We assess each site individually baed on its unique objectives and other governing factors, we proceed to develop an implementation plan tailored to your specific project's requirements.