Hosting & Monitoring

Even the best web project would be useless without a reliable hosting solution. Khayal's US-based dedicated server farm has been custom configured to provide the best blend of flexibility, speed, security, and reliability.

Our hosting platform can accommodate everything from simple websites to enterprise portals. We can provide hosting solutions that meet your requirements. Windows and Linux are both supported as are HTML, JSP, and .NET based projects.

In order to provide the maximum convenience, you may choose to use our high-performance shared servers or to have one or more dedicated virtual server with full administrative capabilities. If you require the highest level of performance and control, we can also arrange to colocate dedicated virtual servers for your use.

Khayal managed all hosting services directly from our offices in Kuwait. However, we have ensured the highest level of support availability by retaining two levels of hardware support in the US with full access to the servers when needed.

Furthermore, we can provide automated website monitoring solutions to ensure that your web servers, database servers, and application servers are online and notify you by email or SMS in the event that any key systems fail to respond. This service enables you to ensure the highest uptime possible. Our SLA agreement may also include the diagnosis of the cause of any disruptions as well as a suggested course of action to prevent such disruptions on the future.