Once you have decided to establish a presence on a social media site, you need to ensure that you maintain your company branding and that you take full advantage of the features of that social platform. Khayal Consultants can customize the look and feel of each of your social media channels and develop custom Facebook applications.

The user interface customization begins with understanding what each of the social media platforms allows and applying elements from your company's branding where appropriate. The designs may be a one-time process, or you may wish to more dynamically change elements of the user interfaces to match up with ongoing marketing activities.

Facebook apps, on the other hand, are entirely more flexible and may be custom developed to serve almost any requirement. Apps may include animations, promotions, news, applications, contests, quizzes, and even shopping.

Khayal can help you take full advantage of the Facebook platform to allow you to capture contact details and other information from users, post to participating users' walls, and allow users to share the app with their friends.

The apps can be configured to utilize advanced security methods and can be developed to integrate with your organization's existing website database architecture. Importantly, app usage statistics will be provided to allow you to identify the effectiveness of your app over time.