Running a marathon takes hard work, training, dedication, and goal setting. A runner must eat healthy, practice daily, wear appropriate shoes, and aim for different milestones before competing in the race. Companies today can learn from the runners, and with Khayal’s help, will be equipped for the race.

A few months before flying its first flight, Wataniya Airways wanted to obtain passenger feedback on a number of items in order to cater to their needs. We were asked to conduct a number of focus groups with executive and frequent flier passengers. Topics ranged from booking, airport arrival, staff standards, on board comfort and entertainment, food quality etc. The groups where held in a hotel, had a professional moderator, and where digitally recorded so that the client had copies of the session. Furthermore, detailed transcripts of each session were given to the client in addition to a summary report with recommendations.


Wataniya Airways


Focus Groups - Wataniya Airways